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Learn Hands on Backcountry 

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Tuesday, September 6th

Wednesday, September 7th

Thursday, September 8th

Friday, September 9th 

This will be a special trip.  Each person who books this learning event will receive a Dutch oven, cooking utensil set, and one cooks apron. 

The trip will begin when guests arrive. Dinner from Dutch ovens is at 6:30pm.  Guests will spend two nights in glamping tents, and two nights at Cora Lake. 

First Morning (day 1 is spent at the pack station)- 7:00AM Breakfast at the lodge, lecture in the East meadow, Food Handlers Cards, Lunch, lecture and hands-on food prep, free time, supper. *Second Morning-7:00AM Breakfast, pack up, ride out, arrive at Cora Lake. Guests will be taught how to set up camp and the forest kitchen, lecture, then Hands-on Dutch oven cooking. This will be fun. Each guest will choose a dish to make for supper from our forest recipes, everyone gets to try each one. Guests can take a vote on best dish and win a prize. Tracy has a couple of dishes to make (oh there good) also. *Third Morning- Cooking Breakfast, fishing, lunch (we make), Guests learn and prepare more Dutch oven recipes. *Fourth Morning- Pack up for ride out, guests arrive back at pack station and are free to go. Guests are able to take home their recipes plus a few secrets too. 

This is a Once in a Lifetime trip from an experienced Back-Country Packer/Cook you won't want to miss.  

Details;  Each guest will receive lecture and study to prepare for the Food Handlers Card. We have wi-fi which will enable everyone to take the test onsite.  Guests should bring their laptops/chargers.  We also have a couple in case needed.

$1,400.00 per Guest

Call to Book- (559) 304-0251 Tracy

                         (559)859-3163 Mikki

Email us under the Contact page or at [email protected]

What to Bring

We recommend that all guests bring laptops/chargers, warm clothes for sleeping and fall mornings, clothing for warm afternoons, light jacket or sweatshirt, sleeping bags, small bedroll if needed, personal items, flashlights or headlamps with extra batteries, small notebook/mechanical pencil, solar charger for phones if needed, fishing pole with case or cardboard tube (the fish prefer yellow, pink or orange power bait, shiny is good, also garlic), Current Fishing License, call us if you have questions (559)304-0251  for Tracy.