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Full Service Pack Trips, & more...


The East Meadow

The East Meadow-The border of Miller Meadow closest to the pack station. The above picture was taken after a heavy snow season in early July (2019).  Normally The creeks run full in June and the water level has decreased by the first of July to a narrow stream.


Arrive early (9:00 AM) the day of your wedding.

This venue allows for close parking to the wedding venue, most accessible for set up and guests.

Set up your wedding decor, use the bunkhouse dressing room for bridal attire, take your wedding photos by our rustic log corals, and out in the meadow by the creek.

There are several photo opportunities with this package.

The East Meadow also features a rustic stone fire pit for guests to gather around in the evening.

Wedding Venue & Picture Venue- $3,500.00

Corking Fee- $250.00

Bridal Dressing Room- $150.00

Mule Security Team-$400.00

Parking Attendants- $300.00

Wedding Debris Disposal- $375.00





The Bride and Groom can stay in the large bunkhouse room the night of the wedding and enjoy a complimentary breakfast for two the next morning at 8:00 AM.  Check out is 11:00 AM. 


1 Night Lodging for Bride & Groom- $200.00



Lodging for 12 guests in our tent cabins the night of the wedding.

We also offer the bride and groom, and 12 guests a complimentary breakfast for 14 people the next morning.

Should you choose this option, take your guests food for the day into consideration. We can arrange serving for a sack lunch and/or a dinner B-B-Que.

Choose 1 or 2 night stay


2 Nights Lodging for 12 guests/glamping- $1,800.00 ($75.00 per person per night)

1 Night Lodging for 12 guests/glamping- $900.00 ($75.00 per person per night)



RV Campsites

Your traveling guests can arrive a day before your wedding to help you set up or visit, stay the night, enjoy your wedding day, and depart the following morning. 

  RV sites (dry camping) 2-night stay and maximum of 4 persons per site. Make sure to reserve spaces during wedding reservations to solidify.

Should you choose this option, take your guests food for the day into consideration. We can arrange serving for a sack lunch and/or a dinner B-B-Que.


$95.00 per night per unit



 3 Day/2 Night Pack Trip

After breakfast, we pack you into a beautiful lake setting where camp is already set up, complete with a forest kitchen and food.  The new couple only needs to bring their personal gear to be packed in on the morning of.

You are responsible for your own cooking. We pack your gear in and out.

Your guests can be present for your exciting honeymoon departure to help document your special occasion.

Choose from either Cora Lake or Vandenberg Lake for your honeymoon destination.

Destinations are permanent after Forest Service permit is issued.

Make Reservations Early (January to May in current year, reservations are limited).

3 Day/2 Night Honeymoon with Forest Kitchen and tent set-up- $3,000.00

Shuttle for two to trail head- $50.00

Shuttle for two from trail head back to MPS- $50.00




 Check out is 11:00 AM.

Your guest campers are responsible for their own meals throughout their stay unless other arrangements are made.  


Guest number for this location: 75 or less

A Forest Service Permit is required for any event having 75 guests. You or your wedding coordinator are responsible for arranging the permit and providing MPS with a copy 30 days before the scheduled wedding date.

Please supply Minarets Pack Station a copy of your insurance company add on for the use or presence of alcoholic beverages on Minarets Pack Station Property 30 days before your scheduled wedding.

(Wedding limit on the East Meadow-4 per season.)


Non-Refundable 50% Down upon Reservation

Remaining Balance Due on Date of Wedding