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Weekend Wilderness Pack Trips

  We are excited to introduce that we now offer individuals, families, and groups the opportunity to escape into the Ansel Adams Wilderness for an outdoor weekend. Ride In or Hike In. You can contact us and book through our website or email us at [email protected]


Trip Description:

Arrive at the pack station on a Friday evening by 5PM. Stop at the office for check-In, and we’ll take you out to your forest glamping tent so you can get settled in for the night. We invite you to dinner with our family and packers at 6:30PM sharp. Saturday morning coffee is on at 6:30 AM and breakfast is served at 7:30AM. Have your gear on loading dock at 7AM to be packed up. After breakfast our packers will take you in to a secluded, beautiful lake setting surrounded by Jeffrey pines, Red Fir, and Lodgepole pines. You’ll ride or hike into your wilderness camp set-up with camping tents and a cozy fire ring for evening gathers. Anglers welcome. After you arrive at your wilderness camp you go exploring, fishing, or indulge in some wildlife photography, it’s all up to you. When you get back to camp, you prepare your own food with pots and pans, and all necessary items for your camp kitchen supplied my the pack station.  Bring your own groceries for your trip.   Sunday Morning coffee and breakfast will set you right for a morning hike, more fishing, and your journey out. Ride or Hike. Pack up your gear, and our packers will be there to pick you and your gear up to return to the pack station. These trips are a welcome break from busy life. The forest allows a person to collect their thoughts, breath, and reflect with friends. We look forward to seeing you.

Included in Your Weekend Get-A-Way Package:

Friday Evening- Forest Glamping Tent Rental with hors d’oeuvres and Dinner

Saturday- Breakfast and Lunch

Camping Tents, Full-Service Kitchen, 1 Dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 Lunch, Pack mules in/out, and Mule ride in/out.


Suggested Items to Bring:

*We have to keep the dunnage at a minimum.  We have a weight limit of thirty pounds per person.*

All YOU need to bring is:

Groceries for 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, and snacks, beverages, sleeping bag, small bedroll, small pillow, 1 set of cloths, sleeping attire, Jacket, Sweatshirt, shorts, t-shirts, personal items, Fishing pole in poster tube or PVC tube, fishing gear, cameras, bug spray, and hat. Also, bring a reusable water bottle.  It's ALWAYS a plus to bring Benadryl, anti itch cream, and if have an Epi-Pen~ DON'T FORGET IT.  These are just suggestions.  We always plan for cool mornings and evenings, with warm days.  

Weekend Wilderness 2021 Trip Schedule

Wilderness Weekend Package - $850.00 per person. Please select your dates, and location outlined below. Reserve with a non-refundable $200.00 per person. The non-refundable balance of $650.00 per person is due 21 days prior to your trip. For your convenience the balance due dates are given for each Wilderness Weekend trip. Your credit or debit card will be billed for cancellations after due dates. 

Dates Available-

July 8th, 9th, 10th

July 22nd, 23rd, 24th

September 10th, 11th, 12th

September 17th, 18th, 19th

September 24th, 25th, 26th


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