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What to Bring for Your ADVENTURE Pack Trip

Helpful Hints

One of our most frequently asked questions is; what do I bring for my trip? Choose from this list. You may not need some items listed. Here are some items for you to check off while you’re packing. Remember to consider your groups size.

o First Aid Kit

o Any Medications

o Toilet Paper

o Sun Screen

o Mosquito Spray

o Towelettes

o Solar Charger for Phones

o Biodegradable Soaps/Shampoos

o Water Purification System or tablets

o Plenty of socks

o Hiking Boots/Shoes

o Pants

o Shorts (given the season)

o Swim Trunks/Bathing Suites

o Undergarments

o Long Sleeve Shirts

o Short Sleeve Shirts

o Light Jacket

o Towels

o A Hat

o Hat with Mosquito Netting

o Fishing Gear (Don’t forget the License)

o Pack Fishing Poles in Tubes for Trip

o Small Shovel

o Lanterns either Battery or Gas

o Flashlight with Extra Batteries

o Coffee Pot/Coffee/Mugs

o Propane Stove or White Gas Stove with Propane or White Gas

o Small Pot/Small frying Pan/Spatula/Serving Spoon

o Paper Plates or Regular Trays/Eating Utensils

o One or Two Ice Chests Depending on Group Size and Needs (small-no more than 60LBS each when filled)

o Sleeping Bags with Air Mattresses or Cots

o Tents with Rain Fly and Ground Tarp

o Rain Gear/Slicker

o Groceries-Reusable Water Bottles- Water Filtration System

o Folding Chairs

o Small Collapsible Folding Tables

o Camp Fly Cover or Tarp

o Lighters or Matches

o Head Lamps

Some Other Options to Consider-

We STRONGLY advise anyone going on any pack trip, hikers or anglers to have a method of communication in case of a medical emergency in the backcountry. We don't care if you're with our pack station, another, or on your own, someone needs to know your "exact location" to get you out if necessary. These are just three options to look at. There are several websites to shop and compare prices.  Research your options. If you have allergies please plan ahead.  I like them because they connect to your phones contacts. You can even have a full texting conversation with someone if you need to.  Check this out, consider the plans they have. Thanks. This is just a friendly suggestion. 

The wilderness is the wilderness, practice safety.

Medical Emergency Communications:

There’s the option of a Garmin GPS that allows communication through text message capabilities. You can have regular text message conversations. This GPS is called, Garmin GPSMAP 86i inReach Handheld GPS and Satellite Communicator and worldwide basemap charts. This model ranges around $599.99

Medical Emergency Communications

Another option is the Garmin Inreach Explorer + 2.31 with built in GPS and bluetooth- orange which ranges in price to about $269.99.

Medical Emergency Communications

This is the Garmin inReach Mini with built in GPS and Bluetooth which can range about $209.99 to $349.99. 

Here is the map we use for the trails around Minarets Pack Station.


Topo maps are helpful. It’s always good to have one with you.